You Don’t Always Have to Buy Life Insurance Leads

Do you earn your living selling life insurance but struggle to make sales? Then maybe you don’t yet fully understand how life insurance leads can help your sales. After reading this article you will.

To make a sale of any product or service you need a customer; this much is obvious. However, not many salespeople focus on this important fact; they focus on sales, not customers. So, you don’t go out looking for sales, but customers. The customer is the first step in the selling process, and you may have experienced that they are not always easy to find.

Salespeople in the retail field have a shop front to attract potential customers. If you don’t have the luxury of a store-front, you have to go out and look for customers. Potential customers are all around you, but identifying them is the difficult part.

What if you had a list of names of potential customers whom you could approach about life insurance? Would this make a difference to the number of prospects you could approach? What if some of these names actually were aware that you would be contacting them about their life insurance needs? What if they were interested in buying life insurance? Would that make a difference to your success rate? Naturally!

A lead is the name and contact details of a person with whom you could discuss life insurance. Where do you get these leads? You talk to people – everyone you talk to is a potential lead and they know several people who could be more potential leads.

When you have been talking to someone about life insurance, it is a very easy matter to ask the question “do you know anyone who would be interested in discussing their life insurance needs with me?” Most people would be able to give you at least one lead, maybe more, particularly if you have been knowledgeable about your product, empathetic and sincere. If people are comfortable with you, they will be comfortable recommending you to their friends.

Another way to get life insurance leads is to talk to people. This doesn’t mean you ram life insurance down their throats; you never open a conversation with “I sell life insurance; are you fully covered?” Create rapport with people by being friendly, interested in them and being a good listener. Invariably in the course of most conversations, you will be asked “What do you do?” – say you are in life insurance and offer your business card. Most people take your card and respond by giving you their business card; if they don’t, ask for it at the end of the conversation. You have added a new lead to your list.

When you have a new lead, leave it a couple of days before contacting them, never longer. Remind them who you are and where you met; add that you had been thinking about them since your conversation. You will have gathered some information about the lead from your conversation, or the person who referred them may have given you some details. Use this information in your sales approach to further develop rapport.

Add the skill of developing life insurance leads to your other life insurance tools, practice this method of developing contacts and soon you will see the technique increasing your sales and your income.

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