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How Qualified Life Insurance Leads Can Raise Your Sales

Anyone with a career in any type of insurance sales field will tell you that finding good sales leads can make a difference between a very profitable week or month and a very slow week or month. They all know how qualified life insurance leads can raise your sales.

Without qualified life insurance leads you are basically just grasping at straws and hoping that the next person that you meet and give your presentation to will be interested enough in the policy that they will make a purchase. You are relying on your salesmanship to earn you that sale.

By using qualified life insurance leads you will be one step ahead of your competition. While they are searching phone books for people to try to sell a policy to, you will be meeting with people that have already expressed an interest in buying a life insurance policy.

A qualified ife insurance lead comes from a source that has had contact with a potential customer and has already decided that these people are interested in purchasing life insurance. They find this information by providing an easy online link for consumers to click if they are interested in being contacted.

When consumers search for the keyword “life insurance” online, the search engines will bring them several choices in offers for free life insurance quotes. Once a person has selected a site, they can enter some very simple information into an online form and submit it. There information is then sent to a company that collects their data.

This data is then sold to insurance agents that are looking for life insurance leads. One qualified insurance lead can be sold for anywhere from five dollars to forty or fifty dollars to several different insurance companies. Yes, there is quite a difference in price between the top and bottom lead prices.

What price you pay for an insurance sales lead will depend on how exclusive you want the lead to be. If you do not care how many other insurance agents are provided with the same information that you are getting, the lower priced leads are the ones for you.

If you want an exclusive lead that is not going to be sold to any other life insurance agents than it is probably better to pay the higher price. This will keep you from feeling like you are in a race with your competitors to get in touch with the person and possibly sell them a life insurance policy.

Getting exclusive life insurance leads can give you the time to schedule an appointment with the person on their schedule. It is not a good first impression if you have to force them to be rushed to meet you or to change their schedule for your meeting. It will surely go a lot better if they are meeting you on their time schedule.

The things discusses here should shed some light on how life insurance leads can increase your sales. Keep them in mind as you consider where your next lead will come from and how much you want to pay for it if you choose to.